Vertical Menu Allowance

Soup vegetables and fruits are dehydrated to produce nutritious soup mixes and fruit snacks.  These products are shipped outside of North America to provide relief to hungry orphans, refugees and the poor.


The Gleaners looks for farms, produce packaging and distribution companies and processing plants willing to donate their surplus and non-marketable produce to help feed a hungry world. 

Produce that is suitable for dehydration at the Gleaners include:

 Asparagus Kale
 Beets Onions
 Broccoli Parsnips
 Carrots (medium or large)
 Cauliflower Sweet Potatoes


Please Note: We are unable to process:  lettuce, cucumbers, egg plant, tomatoes, turnips, pumpkin, melon and citrus fruits.


If you are interested in donating produce please contact us by email

or call 519-624-8245


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