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Excerpt from a letter of thanksgiving…

Recently I had the privilege to be part of a mission team to Rachel's Home in Lesotho, S. Africa. One of our church members coordinated your gift for our mission. 
Please let your team know that the work they are doing is incredible. 
I only wish I had taken photos of the children's faces when they put the soup and then fruit in their mouths. From a nutritional viewpoint - the gifts you sent will go further than your group imagines. 
I was honored and humbled to be the bearer of such wonderful gifts to such unfortunate little ones. 

God Bless. 

Dr. Donna Kolyn

From a Dietician in Malawi…

I’m not often impressed with food aid, but today, you gave me a pleasant surprise!  I was visiting Village of Hope in Malawi (Africa) who was fortunate to receive a gift from you, which will be a wonderful complement to the foods they are getting locally.  They serve about 70 or so kids 3 meals a day and they get a good deal of variety from their local markets and their own garden, but they aren’t to the point yet where they can get all the nutritious foods in the quantities they need.

When the staff first told me they have a dried soup mix that was delivered, I thought, oh no, probably loaded with MSG, artificial flavours and colours.  I was SO impressed at your product when I saw it.  It is dried so nicely and presented in such an easy to use and understand way.  And dried apples, wow!  I’ve been suggesting this to peope for years,  I can’t believe that someone actually does it!....

Congratulations on your work!

Stacia Nordin, RD (Registered Dietitian)

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